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Property Maintenance Technician

Job Summary:

Responsible for maintenance, including preventative maintenance on all MCCA properties and vehicles. This includes but is not limited to verification of completed documentation, assistance in maintaining files on each MCCA held property.  Responsible for cleaning main office and doing repairs as needed for all properties.


Duties Performed:

  • Maintain confidentiality of all participant information
  • Maintain organization of property timesheet documentation according to agency guidelines.
  • Do daily exterior inspections of all MCCA properties including picking up litter
  • Maintain plants and flowers at MCCA corporate office (watering, pruning, etc.)
  • Keep book library filled
  • Shared responsibility for maintenance on MCCA properties by carrying maintenance phone during non-business hours including weekends
  • Work as a team to ensure continued operational maintenance including preventative maintenance of all MCCA properties.
  • Ensure all preventative maintenance work is completed on MCCA vehicles.
  • Maintain an internal inventory on all tools, appliances, materials to reduce redundancy of materials
  • Quality installation of materials in all properties held by or in contracted work MCCA provides
  • Perform repair work as assigned to keep the properties maintained
  • Address immediate maintenance needs in a timely manner, including emergency calls and on call responsibilities
  • Maintain and complete operational procedures to minimize downtime in residential units
  • Move files to safe storage and transfer old files to storage as directed
  • Assist in ordering materials as needed for upcoming projects
  • Acquire proper permits for all projects as needed
  • Assist director(s) in ensuring all pest control is completed as contractually agreed to
  • Assist director(s) in overseeing contractor’s work to meet current program guidelines and training of proper installation techniques
  • Ensure spaces are prepared for the next day by taking out trash and recycle, tidying furniture and dusting surfaces
  • Sweep and mop floors, vacuum carpets
  • Wash and sanitize toilets, and sinks and restocking disposables
  • Clean kitchen sink, microwave, counters, and fridge
  • Any other duties assigned and deemed necessary for the effective and efficient operation of the agency

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Employment/Financial Coach

Job Summary:

Provide instruction and guidance on topics related to employment and financial coaching to aid customers in gaining the knowledge, capacity and tools to seek employment, access employment opportunities and resources, and/or advance toward long term career goals. Create opportunity for customers to make sound financial decisions once employment is obtained and access financial products as they work to understand credit, build savings, and reduce debt. Work continuously with customers to facilitate the process of attainment of established goals as an avenue toward financial and economic security.


This position is responsible for providing employment and financial/life skills coaching to customers.


Employment coach will plan, develop, and implement projects around employment coaching and job placement/referral. This position will research, plan, and implement a strategy for building relationships with local businesses and selling the benefits of our bundled services model.


Job Responsibilities:


    General Coaching/Counseling:

  • Conduct intake assessment for baseline data
  • Create service plan for short and long term goals
  • Ensure confidentiality of customers information
  • Build relationships with customers for ongoing support to achieve goals
  • Provide customers with tools and coaching in order to aid them in accessing employment opportunities, employment resources, and employer contacts
  • Work with customers to create and follow a budget and track expenditures as they advance their earned income
  • Educate customers about consumer credit issues and assist in the development of a plan to resolve the issues of debt
  • Provide guidance to customers in order to address debt reduction, savings, and options for increasing earned income
  • Educate customers on financial products and decision-making
  • Assist customers to begin/increase savings for emergencies and goals
  • Assist customers with development of resumes, mock interview practices, and provide guidance and resources related to job search activities
  • Aid customers in accessing employment supportive resources through bundled service provision and promote bundle services to all participants
  • Ensure accurate and timely phone responses, applications, and incentive/support payments.
  • Engage in one-on-one coaching or education for employment and financial capability
  • Travel between McLean and Livingston County offices, as well as outreach locations as assigned
  • Implement the comprehensive career-building curriculum
  • Provide one-on-one professional development coaching and guidance
  • Network and foster ongoing relationships with area employment services and employers
  • Serve as liaison to Heartland Community College career & educational pathway students in McLean and Livingston Counties

Training Events and Workshops:

  • Conduct community outreach and marketing for workshops
  • Secure and orient appropriate speakers for trainings and workshops
  • Facilitate workshops in McLean and Livingston Counties


File Maintenance & Reporting:

  • Create and maintain hard copy and electronic files for each customer, including all necessary and required forms and documentation, monitor client progress, and assist in reporting to funders.
  • Complete accurate and timely appropriate statistical reports to include information regarding coaching services and outcomes data.
  • Report progress on an agreed-upon production plan
  • Assist in preparation of grant applications



  • Interact and collaborate with others in pursuit of and attainment of the program goals established by the organization
  • Coordinate with MCCA staff on issues relating to employment and financial coaching
  • Maintain required job skills and core professional competencies
  • Attend and participate in required educational programs, staff meetings, Next Step Operational meetings, Performance Benchmark meeting, and staff meetings
  • Adhere to and demonstrate MCCA’s guiding principles of integrity and respect
  • Adhere to MCCA’s gossip free zone
  • Any other duties assigned and deemed necessary for the effective and efficient operation of the agency



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Part Time Residential Advocate - CDV

Job Summary:

Responsible for providing quality services to residential families and hotline callers  


General Job Duties:

• Maintain confidentiality of all client information

• Provide quality services to NH residents and hotline callers, including but not limited to, crisis counseling, safety planning, emotional support, IDVA advocacy  

• Complete intakes for clients seeking CDV services (as needed)

• Assist in determining NH eligibility and length of stay in conjunction with CDV team

• Provide an age-appropriate shelter orientation for NH adult and child residents, including but not limited to, security/safety procedures and normalization of family services

• Assist in completing assessments and creating/updating service plans (as needed)

• Assist in ensuring the documented progression of services needed and received

• Complete RA shift duty list (including shelter checks)

• Assist in providing a safe, nurturing NH environment, assist with communal living issues

• Provide dv education and parenting skills assistance (as applicable) to residential clients

• Offer cellular phones to victims as needed

• Work with other social service agencies to provide assistance for domestic violence victims

• Complete service logs and all necessary documentation during shift, complete self-check

• Request completion of departure surveys by residential clients

• Participate in internal and external meetings as requested

• Participate in the appreciative inquiry process & adhere to the Gossip Free Zone

• Assist with public awareness activities (re:  DV Awareness Month, etc.) 

• Assist with clerical projects, shelter maintenance, donation management as time permits

• Any other duties assigned and deemed necessary for the effective and efficient operation of the agency


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Part Time Residential Assistant-Mayors Manor

Job Summary: 

Responsible for providing social service information and referrals to residents of Mayors Manor.


Duties Performed:

  • Provides information regarding Mayors Manor
  • Provides information and referrals to tenants and prospective clients/community
  • Assists tenants with emergency services referrals as needed and acts as a liaison with community agencies and services
  • Provides supportive services to tenants
  • Follows building procedures to ensure safety
  • Follows visitor and guest building procedures including visitor and overnight log duties
  • Completes building walk through and evaluation each shift including security camera tape change, activity and overnight written logs
  • Oversees main desk and door, security cameras, phone coverage
  • Assists Program Coordinator with appointments, confidential files, reporting, and tenant functions
  • Records client assistance and contact in tenant desk files
  • Responsible for the general maintenance and cleanliness of desk and staff area
  • Assists tenants with appointments such as medical, mental health, social security, court, etc. as directed by Program Coordinator
  • Complies with confidentiality policies
  • Follows and enforces desk staff operations manual and procedures
  • Any other duties assigned and deemed necessary for the effective and efficient operation of the agency


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Director of Affordable and Supportive Housing Initiatives

Job Summary:

Responsible for overseeing all aspects of Mayors Manor.  Responsible for forming and sustaining partnerships in regards First Step and Next Step.  This position includes responsibility for achieving housing counseling, financial opportunity center (Next Step), First Step results through existing activities and programs, including applicable grant preparation and monitoring, and setting of program goals. Other responsibilities include the implementation of coaching programs and services, development and maintenance of existing public and private resources for service delivery. Responsible for overseeing all aspects of Mayors Manor.  Working with the Executive Director and other staff, this position is responsible for expanding services and programs and identifying projects that will achieve the results that meet criteria set by outside organizations such as NeighborWorks America, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA), Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO), and Department of Human Services (DHS).


Duties Performed:

  • Represent MCCA programs as appropriate with external organizations and individuals to present a positive view of the agency and the program and openness to collaboration as appropriate
  • Coordinates public awareness activities, presentations, and trainings as needed
  • Prepare, coordinate and complete NeighborWorks America grant applications and applicable supplemental grants related to sustainable business
  • Assist with the development and implementation of applicable new initiatives
  • Seek, research and maintain a sustainable business model for revenue generating new initiatives
  • Responsible for implementation of housing counseling, financial opportunity center model coaching (financial coaching, employment coaching, income support coaching), and CSBG programs and services
  • Provide orientation, training, and ongoing support to applicable staff including evaluations and professional development plans
  • Oversee agency program strategies: Next Step, First Step, Housing Counseling, NeighborWorks Initiatives, CSBG, WIOA and special projects as may be assigned
  • Responsible for serving as a liaison for developing and sustaining effective partnerships with community resources, human services agencies, churches, civic groups, corporations, organizations, and individuals
  • Responsible for Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Scoreboard outcomes, and fund sources for assigned programs
  • Responsible for timely and accurate client, agency, and program reports as required by funding sources for assigned programs
  • Responsible for implementing applicable agency’s goals and objectives, as well as special projects as assigned
  • Responsible for developing and/or maintaining existing public and private resources for local match requirements of federal grants
  • Responsible for planning of staffing patterns and department needs with supervisor and staff
  • Responsible for providing leadership and direction to staff daily while maintaining a team of staff willing and able to ensure quality service delivery to all clients
  • Responsible for additional corporate/administrative responsibilities as assigned
  • Ensure applications for funding are prepared as appropriate


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