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Residential Advocate-CDV Part-time

Job Summary:

Responsible for providing quality services to residential families and hotline callers.


Job Qualifications:

Physical Requirements: Ability to lift children up to age 4, climb stairs, and perform necessary shift duties

Educational Requirements: Associate’s Degree or related work/volunteer experience

Specific Skills: Dedication and commitment to victims/survivors of domestic violence; ability to demonstrate effective client service delivery with sensitivity ; ability to demonstrate effective written and verbal communication skills; ability to handle stressful, crisis situations utilizing sound judgment; ability to work in a team environment to ensure 24/7 coverage for NH. Must be available to cover holidays as needed.

Other: Driver’s license and suitable transportation; working phone


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Mayors Manor Residential Assistant

Job Summary:

Responsible for providing social service information and referrals to residents of Mayors Manor.


Duties Performed:

· Provides information regarding Mayors Manor

· Provides information and referrals to tenants and prospective clients/community

· Assists tenants with emergency services referrals as needed and acts as a liaison with community agencies and services

· Provides supportive services to tenants

· Follows building procedures to ensure safety

· Follows visitor and guest building procedures including visitor and overnight log duties

· Completes building walk through and evaluation each shift including security camera tape change, activity and overnight written logs

· Oversees main desk and door, security cameras, phone coverage

· Assists Program Coordinator with appointments, confidential files, reporting and tenant functions

· Records client assistance and contact in tenant desk files

· Responsible for the general maintenance and cleanliness of desk and staff area

· Assists tenants with appointments such as medical, mental health, social security, court etc. as directed by Program Coordinator

· Complies with confidentiality policies

· Follows and enforces desk staff operations manual and procedures

· Any other duties assigned and deemed necessary for the effective and efficient operation of the agency


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Data and Intake Specialist-Community Service Block Grant-Temp COVID-19

Duties Performed:

· Receives state COVID-19 customer referrals and contacts customers to verify resource needs.

· Completing client assessment and intake interviews received due to needs arising from COVID-19

· Collects/copies and enters documentation in the files, tracking systems, and multiple databases

· Refers clients to other MCCA or community assistance programs to assist during crisis COVID-19

· Serves as resource specialist and advocate for customer base during crisis COVID-19

· Updates all data base and tracking on customer follow up contacts

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Custodian COVID-19 Temp Position

Job Responsibilities:

· Maintain confidentiality of all participant information

· Sanitize all public touchpoints every 2 hours during office open hours to prevent potential COVID-19 outbreak or contamination at corporate office and Mayors Manor

· Wash and sanitize toilets, sinks, and all touchpoints in restroom every 2 hours.

· Restock disposables to ensure highest sanitary conditions to prevent potential COVID-19 outbreak at the beginning of each day.

· Ensure spaces are prepared for the next day by taking out trash and recycle, tidying furniture and sanitizing surfaces thoroughly to reduce potential for COVID-19 outbreak.

· Sweep and mop floors and vacuum carpets 2 times daily. Once in the late morning and once at the end of the day

· Clean kitchen sink, microwave, counters, water dispenser and fridge every 2 hours to prevent potential COVID-19 outbreak.

· Do daily exterior inspections of MCCA corporate office including safely picking up litter to maintain high level of sanitary conditions in order to prevent potential for COVID-19 outbreak.


This position is a temporary position paid through Career Link. Please apply here:


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