Community Blend Coffee

November 8, 2019


We’ve partnered with the Coffee Hound (Sirius Coffee Roasters) this holiday season to raise awareness of our organization and the services that we provide to McLean and Livingston Counties. A portion of every bag sold of the Community Blend will help aid our efforts until December,31st, 2019. It’s an amazing coffee also benefiting the great producers at Gold Mountain Coffee Growers in Nicaragua. Please stop by any of the three Coffee Hound locations and grab a bag and show your community some love!


We would like to highlight some of the ways that Gold Mountain Coffee roasters provide social impact in their communities.


Access to credit in a country where access to credit is nearly non-existent

90% of female computing classes given for free to coffee community youth

An operation for a young girl so she could walk for the first time and a handicapped-accessible house

Running water in schools far from utility grids

Textbooks, desks, libraries, and other educational necessities in schools.


Please visit to learn more.


Please also visit to learn more about the Coffee Hound.


MCCA would like to thank, April, Steve, and Kyle at Coffee Hound staff for making this collaboration come to fruition. Thank you for investing in our community.