At Mid Central Community Action's, financial stability is a holistic approach to empower you towards a more stable financial future.

Next Step™ Financial Opportunity Center®,

Our Next Step™ Financial Opportunity Center® stands at the forefront, offering personalized strategies to fortify your financial foundation. From finances to career development, we provide the tools you need for lasting success. We offer personalized guidance including creating a budget, managing debt, building savings, navigating resumes, cover letters, or interviewing, our experts are here to empower you with the knowledge and tools for success.

Homeownership Services

For those aspiring to own a home, our Home Ownership Services provide invaluable support. From navigating the mortgage process to understanding homeownership responsibilities, our HUD Certified Housing Councelors are dedicated to transforming your dream of having a place to call your own into a tangible reality.

We can also offer assitance post-purchse such as maintaining your home or forclosure prevention.

Housing Stability Navigator

Navigating the complexities of housing is often a significant challenge. Our Housing Stability Navigator is your guide to finding stable and affordable living arrangements, ensuring that you have a secure foundation from which to build your financial future.

What sets our plan apart is that all these services are entirely free. This is made possible by the generosity of our committed donors who believe in creating a community where everyone has the chance to thrive.

Join us on the path to financial stability—it's not just a goal; it's a plan for success crafted with your well-being in mind.