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Next Step is a collaborative effort to help people become financially independent.

Next Step Financial Opportunity Center

What is a Financial Opportunity Center?

A Financial Opportunity Center (FOC) provides employment counseling—including job training; one-on-one financial coaching, credit counseling, and education in Bloomington, IL; and low-cost financial products that help build credit, savings, and assets. They also connect clients with programs such as food stamps, utility assistance, and affordable health insurance as needed. The cornerstone of the FOC model is providing these services in an integrated way — rather than as stand-alone services — and with a long-term commitment to helping clients reach their goals. Outcomes data indicates that this bundled approach helps clients raise their incomes and net worth.


Integrated or “bundled” services lead to concrete gains in net income and job retention. Research shows that FOC clients who take advantage of bundled services are 50 percent more likely to land a well-paying job than people receiving employment services alone. And long-term job retention—holding a job for a year or more—almost doubles when financial coaching reinforces the work of employment counseling.


The Next Step Financial Opportunity Center will provide participants with a bundled set of three core services:

Financial Education & Coaching Services

 Employment/Career Services

 Access to Income Support Services

Financial Coaching servicesFINANCIAL COACHING

 Assessing financial health

 Building credit scores

 Increasing savings

 Decreasing debt

 Credit Counseling


 Gaining sEmployment Coaching skillself-awareness

Exploring career interests & skill sets

 Motivating self

 Writing a resume

Developing effective communication skills

Developing interviewing skills

 Mastering self-management


Additional services for Income support INCOME SUPPORT

Determining public benefits eligibility

Assistance applying for eligible benefits

Providing direction to self-apply for eligible benefits

Credit counseling in Bloomington, Illinois









Tuition-free Adult Education Classes
Short-Term Work Ready Programs
Certificate Programs
Associate Degree Programs
On-The-Job Training


What Can I Expect From Next Step?

Besides high-quality education and coaching services, the staff at Next Step will provide you with:

Timely follow-up regarding your questions, developing your action plans, helping you meet your goals.

Confidentiality, honesty, respect, and professionalism in all our services.


For more information about how Next Step can help you to a brighter future, call (309) 829-0691


The Next Step Financial Opportunity Center is a partnership of Mid Central Community Action and Heartland Community College. Next Step is supported by State Farm, LISC of Greater Peoria, and NeighborWorks America.



Next Step Financial Opportunity Center Workshops

Next Step FOC Workshops


Begin your journey by attending the Next Step FOC Orientation.

This workshop is held on Tuesdays in the MCCA Large Conference Room. The orientation introduces attendees to the services of the Financial Opportunity Center and ends with each attendee making an appointment with one of our Financial/Employment Coaches to begin their own journey to success.



To reserve your space, please call 309-829-0691 or email