Strengthening community connections through local partnerships and ongoing activities where individuals and families can thrive and become a part of something larger than themselves.


Community engagement to MCCA means helping residents strengthen their community and improving the quality of life for everyone living in McLean and Livingston County.  We believe that people can identify their problems and find resources to transforming their lives and those around them.


We do this by:

Developing Resident Leadership Opportunities

Strengthening Resident Led Associations

Providing Youth Leadership Opportunities

Sponsoring Community Building Activities

Empowered People = Empowered Communities

How does MCCA help build a stronger community?

Supporting Resident Entrepreneurs

The Community Innovation Fair provides opportunities for individuals to showcase their entrepreneurial ideas in two categories: For Profit Small Business and Community Improvement/Social Enterprise. Applicants will be asked to identify a problem in our community and propose an innovative solution.…

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Civic Engagement & Resident Mobilization

The Jefferson Street Community House is a community driven space where individuals, families, and the police can interact in a safe environment.   The purpose is to create a stronger, safer, and more vibrant community. This mission is completed through the three main entities at the house: the…

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Measuring the Needs of Our Community

To view the 2020 Community Needs Assessment results summary, click HER E. By conducting these surveys, MCCA gathers data that helps us decide the best ways to help our community!

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Community Involvement & Volunteers

In conjunction with community engagement activities volunteers are recruited and leveraged to increase the impactfullness of community engagement efforts. Volunteers are at the heart of the Success Measures project and also serve as photographers/recorders of community activities.   To find out…

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