Civic Engagement & Resident Mobilization

The Jefferson Street Community House is a community driven space where individuals, families, and the police can interact in a safe environment.


The purpose is to create a stronger, safer, and more vibrant community. This mission is completed through the three main entities at the house: the MCCA, Bloomington Police Department, and the JSCH Advisory Group made up of residents from the WBHC Target Area.


The JSCH Project follows four Areas of Advocacy: Community and Police relations, Neighbor-to-Neighbor Relations, Food and Health Security, and Economic Empowerment.


The JSCH is used as the location for resident engagement activities that helps build resident leaders, generates resident led projects in the community, and focuses on coordinated efforts of youth orientated non-profits to positively affect young people in the area.


For more information, contact Emily Waters, 

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