At Mid Central Community Action, we are so thankful to have a Board of Directors who make our community a better place, who enhances our business model, and who also ensures all teams’ voices are heard. We welcome you to view our Board of Directors below. If you would like to get in touch with one of our amazing board members, contact us today!

  • Belinda Landry - President
  • Mark Clinch – Vice President
  • Kim Crutcher – Secretary
  • Dameron Beverly
  • Melissa Drake Engel
  • Victoria Harris
  • Jeremy Hayes
  • James Joyner
  • Amber Leathers
  • Debbie Lindberg
  • Kathy Nicholson-Tosh
  • Caleb Phillips
  • Mike Raikes
  • Heather Sancken
  • Lakita Scott

If you are interested in how you can serve at Mid Central Community Action on one of our board committes, please fill out this form and we will contact you for futher information.

To see a descriptions, and learn more about our board committees, click here.