The Mid Central Community Action Housing Stability Navigator’s role was created to respond to the housing and assistance needs of local precariously housed and homeless residents affected by COVID-19 and to address the increasing local need for access to safe and affordable workforce housing and supportive housing options.

The Housing Stability Navigator provides guidance to those who are struggling to obtain, and maintain permanent, safe, and affordable stable housing.

Primary Functions

Community Partnerships

Collaborates with community partners to coordinate agency services and resource provision, and to investigate innovative community solutions to effectively address the re-housing of Precariously Housed workers and Homeless populations seeking permanent, safe, and affordable housing.

Coordinated Case Management

Oversees coordination of collaborative inter-disciplinary case management efforts with case managers, landlords, health professionals, and housing providers; coordinating services and resource provision to unhoused individuals and families in the community.

Documentation, Education, and Advocacy

Documents the extent of the precariously housed and homeless population in McLean County, publicizes issues and potential solutions, identifies unmet needs, and works with community entities such as social services, government, education, landlords, business, and faith-based institutions to establish community goals and solutions to address the precariously housed and homeless populations in the City of Bloomington and Town of Normal.

If you know someone needing housing assistance, please contact the Mid Central Community Action’s Housing Stability Navigator, 309-829-0691 .


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