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Countering Domestic Violence offers comprehensive counseling services including 24-hour hotline services individual sessions with a trained domestic violence therapist to assist adult survivors to recognize abuse patterns, learn safety planning, identify community resources and legal rights and to heal from the trauma of abuse. Weekly groups and individualized counseling help adults move from victim to survivor, and children support groups use art activities and therapeutic techniques to provide ongoing support, promote safety planning and build social skills.



Group Services and Supportdomestic violence advocates in bloomington illinois

Countering Domestic Violence advocates facilitate support groups every Monday for victims/survivors of domestic violence from 6-7:30 pm. The focus of these groups is to give support and encouragement to other victims while in a safe space. Topics vary from week to week and include but not limited to: healthy boundaries, red flags, characteristics of an abuser, and self-esteem.


Children (ages 6-12) are invited to attend with their mother/guardian for a children’s support group at the same time and location. The children’s support group will focus on self-esteem, safety planning, healthy boundaries and expressing feelings through age-appropriate group discussions.



Crisis Assistance in McLean County

“When these strangers gathered, something happened – some would call it “a dynamic”, others “grace” – that allowed them to speak truthfully from the depths of their hearts and also to be receptive to each others truths, where in other circumstances they could not do either, and in this giving and taking, to begin to heal. What makes this possible and why it is healing remains the mystery and miracle of self-help groups.”

“Notes and Comment”
The New Yorker – April 23, 1990


To get more information about accessing these crisis services, call the Hotline (309) 827-7070.